Information about our vertical market products.

Activity Manager Pro

AMProLogo AMPro started out as a means to manage sports events but over time has grown into a tool for managing any kind of activity. It can be integrated with websites or third party applications such as Whipplehill via web services. The following is a list of some of the main features of AMPro:
  • Specialized event entry screens for Facility Bookings, Sports Events, Practices, Convened Events and Miscellaneous Events.
  • Repetitive Events Entry Screen for fast scheduling of repeated events
  • Facility Inquiry Screens to view the weeks bookings
  • Import students, teams, opponents, customers etc.
  • Race Management with online registration and Hy-Tek Meet Manager Export
  • Automated Event Change notice sent via email
  • Events results can automatically sent to newspapers
  • Web Services for integration with third parties like WhippleHill
  • Web form for booking requests online
  • Mail Merge
  • Accounting Module for billing customers
  • Day and Week Sheets for Facilities
  • Injury Tracking
  • Skill Level Tracking
  • Travel Management
  • Play Date Restrictions and Schedule Creation
  • Mobile Device Score Entry
  • Live Web reports for event schedules and results
  • Web reports integrated with Google Maps
  • Reports can be saved in PDF, HTML or Tab Delimited format

Town Recreation departments use it to manage recreation facilities. Hockey leagues use it to create schedules and post standings on their websites. The Canadian Independent Schools use it to create and manage all the sports events for their athletic association.

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Fuel Oil Pro

FOProLogo FOPro is a complete accounting system for companies involved with Fuel Oil Distribution and Burner Service. It also integrates with the CardLock application for customers with CardLock sites and Bulk Plants. This software was first developed in 1984 and has been continually enhanced for the past 25 years.

The following is a list of the main components AMPro:

  • Accounts Receivable including the generation of delivery tickets based on degree days or days
  • Accounts Payable
  • Budget Letters
  • Burner Service including the renting, leasing and long term financing of equipment
  • Degree days
  • General Ledger
  • HVAC heat loss & heat gain calculations
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Scheduling for technicians, vehicles and equipment
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Mail Merge

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KardPoll Pro

KPProLogo KPPro allows users to manage cardlock and bulk plant site. It has the ability to connect to sites via serial ports, modems or the Internet. It can also be integrated with other third party applications like Info Net's Fuel Commander or C Store. It can manage shared sites and co-mingled products.

The following is a list of some of the main features of KPPro:

  • Imports Phoenix data directly from the P4w.mdb file
  • Polls local and host transactions
  • Security restrictions can be set for access to accounts, sites and terminal modes actions
  • Exports and Terminal logs kept for six months
  • Integrates with Vehicle Maintenance to schedule maintenance based on odometer readings
  • Exports transaction in a variety of formats for backend processing
  • Invoices CardLock and Bulk Transaction
  • Supports customer discounts and through put allowances
  • Supports sharing Cardlock sites with other companies
  • Manages Bulk Plants with products owned by more than one company
  • Prints bill of lading for bulk fuel
  • Import card files from a variety of formats
  • Users can modify card imports before they are committed to the database
  • Users can re-price transactions
  • Mail Merge
  • Users can enter Manual Transactions
  • Backup and restores card files to the Fuel Site Controller
  • Automates prices changes and dip retrieval
  • Reconciles Bulk Plant Inventory
  • Produce Profit and Loss Statement for Bulk Plant
  • Shows average cost price of product in tanks
  • Profit Margin report
  • Fuel Site diagnostic reports
  • Reports can be saved in PDF, HTML or Tab Delimited format

It is used by a variety of companies to manage cardlock and bulk plants across Canada. Some current customers are Bluewave Energy, Alberta Fuel Distributers, FS Partners, UPI and Town of Leamington. Kardpoll is distributed by KardTech Inc.

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Non-Profit Pro

NPProLogoNPPro was designed to help manage non-profit organizations. It can also be integrated with the Activity Management application to allow you to manage bookings for your facility. The following is a list of some of the main features of NPPro:
  • Manage Donor contact information
  • Print Directory in variety of formats including booklet and picture directory
  • Manage donations including pre-authorized, Visa and MasterCard donations
  • Print year end tax receipts or donation acknowledgements
  • Tax Receipts can be printed using MS Word, Excel, Open Office, pre-printed forms or blank paper
  • Tax Receipts can be re-printed with the appropriate "replacement" note added
  • Donations statistics by age category and donation amount
  • Support for pledges
  • Extensive Donor Classification system
  • Mail Merge
  • DVD and cassette tapes label printing
  • Support for pastoral visitation
  • Customizable donation designations
  • Extensive query capabilities by age, birth date, classification, donation designation etc.
  • Customizable security so financial information is restricted and protected
  • Reports can be saved in PDF, HTML or Tab Delimited format
  • Support for envelope numbers

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Vehicle Maintenance Pro

VMProLogoVMPro allows you to manage your vehicles to insure you can meet your legal obligations regarding regular maintenance. The following is a list of some of the main features of VMPro:

  • Vehicle Manager to track maintenance records and expenses
  • Customizable Maintenance Procedures
  • Supports hours or mileage triggers for maintenance
  • Vehicle mileage and hours logs
  • Manage parts inventory and suppliers
  • Generate work orders for regular scheduled maintenance
  • Automatic notification of upcoming and maintenance due
  • Reports can be saved in PDF, HTML or Tab Delimited format

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